Running plans

Running planby Louis Nachmansohn

Your running plan must/should be custom tailored for you. You tailored plan should help you to achieve your personal goals, get ready for competitions and try their best to keep you injury free. The only one who knows what is "too much" for your body is you, so listen to your body. Listen to any cramps, drink a lot (really a lot) of water and make sure you're getting enough carbohydrates and KCAL to follow your customized workout plan. If you are not getting enough food and do not care to listen to signals from your body so you will have a high likelihood of suffering from injury or disease. This is something that you really need to avoid so that you can continue to run the rest of your life.

Nine week running plan

This is a nine week running plan incorporating restdays and biking. Make sure you tweek the running plan weeks 6-8 so you get the right amount of training for your individual preferences. Make sure you also do running up hills (will increase your leg strength) and make sure you rest at least as planned. This running plan is for intermediate runners who needs a new nine week running plan  structure.

running plans louis nachmansohn
This running plan worked for me. It might work for you.
Bet make sure you have the best running shoes that fit your running style

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 rest 5km 5km 5km walk 8km 3km
2 rest intervall runs 4km 4km 10km 4km 4km
3 rest run hills 6km 3km 4km 6km 4km
4 rest walk 10km rest 5km rest rest
5 rest run hills 8km 4km 12km bike bike
6 rest intervall runs 7km 5km bike rest 12km
7 rest run hills 8km rest 8km rest 8km
8 rest walk 10km rest 5km 5km 5km
9 rest 2km run + 4 km walk 5km bike 5km 4km 12km
REST Bike. Repeat.