Running plans

Running planby Louis Nachmansohn

Your running plan must/should be custom tailored for you. You tailored plan should help you to achieve your personal goals, get ready for competitions and try their best to keep you injury free. The only one who knows what is "too much" for your body is you, so listen to your body. Listen to any cramps, drink a lot (really a lot) of water and make sure you're getting enough carbohydrates and KCAL to follow your customized workout plan. If you are not getting enough food and do not care to listen to signals from your body so you will have a high likelihood of suffering from injury or disease. This is something that you really need to avoid so that you can continue to run the rest of your life.

Nine week running plan

This is a nine week running plan incorporating restdays and biking. Make sure you tweek the running plan weeks 6-8 so you get the right amount of training for your individual preferences. Make sure you also do running up hills (will increase your leg strength) and make sure you rest at least as planned. This running plan is for intermediate runners who needs a new nine week running plan  structure.

running plans louis nachmansohn
This running plan worked for me. It might work for you.
Bet make sure you have the best running shoes that fit your running style

Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1 rest 5km 5km 5km walk 8km 3km
2 rest intervall runs 4km 4km 10km 4km 4km
3 rest run hills 6km 3km 4km 6km 4km
4 rest walk 10km rest 5km rest rest
5 rest run hills 8km 4km 12km bike bike
6 rest intervall runs 7km 5km bike rest 12km
7 rest run hills 8km rest 8km rest 8km
8 rest walk 10km rest 5km 5km 5km
9 rest 2km run + 4 km walk 5km bike 5km 4km 12km
REST Bike. Repeat.

Louis Nachmansohn - How to start running

Louis Nachmansohn writes about how to start running

Decide that you are going to start running on a regularly basis. The key decision to start running involves your whole personality and this means that you have to break old patterns and habits.

Start running at lunch if you are too tired after work (school). Eat well so that you can manage and when and if your body, feets and legs feel comfortable with it - start running or jogging twice a day. Make the first a full out run and the second either as a walk or a light jogging.

Adapting and progress in running

If you want to be a runner you should at least workout 4 passes / week. When training you should every week try to squeeze and run a little longer. When and if you get stuck in a plateu while running, work your technique, take days of from the long run and work your core and upperbody at the gym or outside doing pushups, squats and other.  You can also take a walk instead of taking the bus/car to work, you can use the stairs instead of the elevator etc.

the number, length or intensity of  your workouts.

Here are some tips from Louis on how to get back in your training routine:

  1. Find a training partner 
  2. Decide to run on specific days  
  3. Set a long term goal  
  4. Set realistic goals
  5. Treat yourself with rewards (massage, spa, ice-cream etc.)
  6. Do not push yourself too hard - only you know how much you can cope with
  7. Tell your friends, family and co-workers that you are a runner (so you can't skip your planned runs.)

Louis Nachmansohn running videos

Louis Nachmansohn running videos

I found this really great video about running, its a good inspiration for us runners.

Louis Nachmansohn also found this great video with running techniques to help you with your running and speed

The best running motivation video

How to set up your running training

Louis Nachmansohn about

Setting up your first runs - plan a year ahead. Go out and start running.

How to set up your running training

Don't start too hard and too fast cause this will result with injuries.

Louis Nachmansohn belivies this to be a classical scenario for runners. "You start of wanting to run everywhere and with high speed for a long time."

Instead, one should focus on increasing slowly but surely.

By that I mean that you should start with low density and then increase the time you are out. Moving up fast pass before you can run properly is silly.

Start with two to three times a week. If the run is ten minutes does not matter. If you walk five times during those ten minutes do not matter. Run on only, but not fast.

When you can run ten minutes without having to go it may be time to increase the distance.

The basic rule is to increase the amount of ten percent per week. The shorter you, the faster you should run, but it should still be a relaxed run.

Louis Nachmansohn likes to run uphill

In my opinion Running training should begin with the first "hurricane" run. Then increase the distance gradually, and your running strength will come, and running in different speeds should be added and eventually introduce yourself to more and more torque.

When the winter comes the treadmill is a good option to get to running. Just try running with the slope of the treadmill, cause to run uphill is among the most important exercise you can do to cope running a long time and get a good strength in the legs.

Basic training is designed to build up the runner in a gentle way to later run tougher in terms of volume but in particular speed-wise.

One of the best sessions to build because, when you have familiarized yourself into when running through regular distance running, long hill race.

So Find the steepest hill and run up that hill and make it count!

Louis Nachmansohn running uphill

My running plan

Louis running plan

Im Louis Nachmansohn and this is my running plan for 4 weeks.

Week 1 | Running plan for the first week

louis nachmansohnThe first week of running will consist of "short" runs, three times a week.
In this plan i will run in a high speed.

Week 1 Runs

The warm up: Run 2 min, walk 2 min total of 10 minutes
The Run: 6 km (in a high speed)
Cool down and stretching total: 6 minutes

WEEK 2 | Running plan for the second week

For the second week it will be short runs minimum of four times a week
The second weeks running plan consist of slow speed running:

louis nachmansohn Week 2 Runs

Warming up with Walking 2 minutes, Run 3 min, walk 1 min (and repeat for a total of 10 minutes)
The run: 5 km (slow speed)
Cool down and stretching total: 12 minutes
Do this four times a week.

WEEK 3 | Running plan for the third week

Long runs: Three times a week
Speed: two high speed runs and one slow.

Week 3 Runs

The warm up: Jumping ropes 5-10 minutes
The run: 12-16 km

WEEK 4 | Running plan for the fourth week

For the fourth week running plan will consist of short and long runs: 5 times a week
The running speed: Three slow 30 minutes run (run as long as possible) 2 fast runs (run as long as possible)

Week 4 Runs

First run: : 20 minute run "as fast as possbile". The goal here is to find a fast pace which I can run for a total of 20 minutes. I call this a "speed run".

Second run: 30 minute run, slow pace

Third run: 1 h "as long and fast as possbile"

Fourth run: 20 minute jogg (just relaxing)

Fifth run for the week: 22 km run, slow pace

louis nachmansohn running plan

four week running plan


Starting to run

Louis is starting to run again

Im starting to run again. Wish me the best of luck, I will keep you guys posted on my runs. This week I ran 47 kilometers and it was lots of fun.

Louis Nachmansohns first run

The first 17 km run I did since my knee injury was mighty fine. I started the run in my new nikes and finished the run in 1h 12 minutes.

Louis Nachmansohn
Louis Nachmansohns second run

My second run was a 11 km run. The pace was slow, but I didnt feel a thing in my knee.

Louis Nachmansohns third run

My third run was a 7 km run. I had a slow and steady pace just warming up for my fourth run.

Louis Nachmansohns fourth run

The fourth run this week was awsome. I ran 22 km in a high pace. I finished the run in less than 1h 40 minutes.

Louis nachmansohns running plan